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Futureproof Concepts empowers small business owners to take control and reach their business goals. With the help of our business development and accounting services, you can turn your business vision into reality.

As you work with us, you’ll be able to get clear on your priorities, free yourself from the daily grind and have more time to spend doing the things you love.


conceive. plan. execute.

Many business owners are trapped in a cycle of peaks and troughs. They find themselves always chasing new business or struggling to keep up with demand. As a result, every month is the same, with a lot of stress, pressure and frustration.

What so many businesses lack is the structure, plan or direction to help increase customer numbers, manage daily demands and reach a point where things begin to flow. With the help of Miriam and her team, you’ll discover how to create a vision for your future and take tangible steps to achieve every goal.


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where do you want your business to go?

Perhaps you want more time and the ability to run a business without having to turn up every day. Perhaps you want to reach the entire country and show people how much easier their lives can be.

Whether you have your heart set on financial freedom or you have a driving need to give back, you won’t achieve your goals without a plan and the right tools to make things happen.

By enlisting even a few hours of help from a business coach, you’ll be able to find clarity about what you want and start taking the practical steps to get there.

about miriam

Miriam Hewson, founder of Futureproof Concepts Ltd, is a qualified professional in the fields of business management and accounting and has 13+ years of professional experience. She sets high standards for herself and challenges others to do the same.

Now based in Rotorua, Miriam has applied her financial and business skills in Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand. It is her mission to share her knowledge and skills with business owners so they can form a strong foundation and create their own success story.

Miriam’s clients find her warm, personable and helpful as she works in group sessions and one on one to lead them towards a brighter future and a business that is uniquely their own.

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Along with business coaching, Futureproof Concepts provides accounting services to businesses in and around Rotorua. Talk to us about tax planning and tax returns, GST and bookkeeping, forecasting, reporting and cloud-based financial management.