Energy flows where the focus goes

Spring is in the air, and it is time to come out of hibernation. Timing is everything when it comes to business, but how can you plan when things are so uncertain?

As I am writing this, we are in level 3 of lockdown. I am working from home, juggling my time between schoolwork and play, let alone work and keeping sane.

They key is prioritising and being kind to yourself.

My clients often ask me how to prioritise when everything was due yesterday. And I must admit, I am falling into the traps myself at times. Let me share some valuable advice I have learnt from my own mentors over time.

We set our own due dates

When you give someone a timeframe, make sure you are realistic about what you can achieve with everything else going on.

Please be kind to yourself and set boundaries around your time working from home or in the office. There will always be so much to do, and there will never be enough time in the day to get it done. Stick with it and schedule time for yourself and your family.

Communicate with your clients and team when things are getting tight before it is overdue and as soon as you feel the pressure of time constraint. Give yourself some breathing space. People are more understanding than you think but keep them in the loop so they can manage their own expectations.


Start with the tasks that you have been pushing to the bottom of the pile. You are procrastinating and it slows everything else down because it is weighing on your ability to focus.

We procrastinate because we may not know how to start the job, or because we think we don’t know enough about it. When you find yourself doing this, start with the first step and break it down. Before you know it, you will be done, and you can fully focus on the next task.

Write yourself a to do list with NO MORE than three things to do. The more we put on the list, the least number of jobs we will get done. Don’t send yourself down the overwhelm spiral, remember we set our own due dates.

Reflect on the tasks you got done each night, regardless of if they made it onto your list. Set the next 3 goals for the next day and so forth.

It takes practice and constant repetition, but you will soon notice a difference in the way you operate.

Always remember to take time out for a walk, as you are more productive when you take regular breaks. Implement things you like doing and that you can look forward to, such as catching up with a friend or going to a yoga session. Whatever floats your boat, it is equally important that you look after yourself. You are worth it!

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