Making ‘Dope Moments’ a Priority at Work

Most companies will invest a large portion of money on new technology and practices, yet still seem to struggle and not meet goals. Why? Because their workers aren’t being fostered alongside the technology. Focusing on bringing joy to a workspace can help fix this. Joy arises from a combination of three things:

  1. Harmony. This is when diverse skills and strengths of team members are combined.
  2. Impact. Harmony leads to impact as goals are more easily achieved as a team.
  3. Acknowledgment. Acknowledging each of the team members contributions to a project and cheering for each other powers the entire joy-success-joy cycle.

Research also shows that joy stems from believing one’s work is truly meaningful. Employees who feel ‘personally committed to achieving the company’s vision and strategy’ and believe that their ‘company makes a positive societal contribution’ experience the most joy at work. But what does all this mean? It means that businesses should foster a culture that creates a stronger sense of personal interconnection, shared purpose, and heartfelt pride across the organisation in order to get the most out of their workers and business.

Here’s some specific steps you can take to help increase the ‘dope moments’ in your workspace;
First, set the agenda. Make the experience of joy an explicit corporate purpose. Strengthen your inclusion agenda to incorporate meaningful efforts towards ensuring all employees feel heard, recognised, and acknowledged. Fund mental health for all employees.
Second, set the stage. Staff your new programmes with true cross-unit, cross-silo teams, where joint teamwork delivers maximum impact, shared success, and fun.
Third, set the tone. Encourage and celebrate individual and corporate social impact efforts. Authentically express more of the joy you personally feel, as joy fosters joy.

Investment in joy is as useful as investment in technology. Technology provides the infrastructure for connectivity, but the foundation must be a culture dedicated to the experience of harmony, impact, and acknowledgment.

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