Dopamine at Work

Dopamine at Work

Progress is something to be measured in order to see it and it takes TIME. In a world of instant rewards, constant rush and impatience we may struggle to see our own success and focus too much on others’ social posts and materialistic items attached to them.

One of the regular tasks I set myself is to look back and see how far I’ve come. This is a compulsory component of all my training programs to remind my clients where they have started and how much they have achieved thus far. 

Personally, I track my progress daily. I have a “to do” list with three things I want to achieve for the next day which I complete before I finish for the day.

I then write down everything I have achieved that day.

You may think 3 to do’s aren’t enough, but there is a science behind the madness. Three items on your list are achievable and give you enough to get you into the state of flow. “Flow follows Focus”, one of my favorite sayings.

As you cross off each task from your list, your brain will release dopamine which is one of our happy chemicals. It is highly addictive and makes you want more. So as you chase the natural dopamine in your body, you will get more and more done.

Before you know it you have accomplished a day full of to do’s, including the three on your list. You will feel productive, successful, satisfied and overall accomplished for the day.

Keep this up and you will soon see the benefits of less stress, more motivation and you will find yourself happier overall.

Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight and everything worth going to takes time and effort.

Be kind to yourself.

Miriam x

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