Breaking Out of Negative Thinking

Your brain is wired to focus on the negative. Here’s how to build a new, more positive mindset anytime, anywhere.

#1 Notice your negativity bias

You didn’t close of the deal, you received a complaint, you are struggling to sell your new product or event and feel rejected.

If you are like most people, your brain floods with negativity. You doubt yourself, your product or service and this is all you are able to hold on to. Neuroscientists call this automatic habit of the brain “negativity bias”.

Catch yourself when you feel anxiety, fear & self-doubt. Self-awareness is the first step.

#2 Shift to a moment of gratitude

Be aware of your negativity bias and shift your focus on something you are really grateful about. A few seconds is all it takes to open your neural pathways into a more positive space.

Your family, your home, your health, your talents and your achievements. Lean into yours and other peoples strength rather their weaknesses.

#3 Rewire your brain

This is where you shift your brains’ response to all the good in life from noticing only the negative to only focusing on the positive. The best thing about this practice is that it takes only 15-30 seconds a day. It is efficient, portable and powerful and you will experience an immediate shift in your mindset.

You will remember your purpose, look forward to new challenges, and face life with renewed optimism.

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