Train Your Brain for Change

This is the headline of many business magazines and articles these days. The inability to change comes from both inside out. We don’t like the unknown and are happy with our daily routines because our brain works on autopilot. It is useful for things like brushing your teeth or driving a car, but relying too heavily on the unconscious autopilot behavior will keep us from choosing alternatives.

Change is the only constant in the business world however, external barriers such as too little information about other options, or lack of experience in diverse settings takes us back to where we started. Whilst it is very efficient in some areas, it will hold us back from growth and innovation. This is true in both your personal or professional lives.

3 Hacks to Improve the Change Process

  1. Listen Inside
    This means tapping into emotional self-awareness to recognise your own feelings, how it impacts your behavior and whether you are operating from habit
  2. Listen Outside
    Look beyond your usual information sources and become more curious. You will soon build up more confidence to deal with changing environments and other ways of doing things.
  3. Step Outside
    Trust yourself and try something new. Pay attention and notice where routines are helpful and where they are keeping you from achieving your goals. Explore different ways of thinking and be open to new ideas.

Just like everything, it all takes a little practice, but if you try each day you will soon train your brain to be more adventurous. Remember that failing is one of the greatest lessons of every successful person. It is part of the journey that lead to success. When change comes knocking, you stare it down with confidence and embrace it!

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