The Fear of Failure

In my capacity as a business coach, I facilitate leadership and cultural mindset programs to corporate organisations. We engage growth, motivate and inspire people to work at their best and towards a common goal in a safe and trusting environment.

A leader is someone that looks after the people in charge of the job. They commit 100% to the people in their charge and have their back when something goes wrong.

They praise, they help, they listen, and they foster trust. When the time comes to share constructive feedback, their tribe know that it is in their best interest.

Here is the thing.

Sadly, many of us are not performing at our best because of the lack of confidence, fear of failure, perfectionism, fear of judgement and the environments we find ourselves working in.

We are standing in the way of people shining, because we are shadowing our own doubts and insecurities over them. We create glass ceilings and limitations.

We witness and experience passive aggressive behaviour, bullying, backstabbing and toxic conversations. This is happening at schools, in the workplace, within our community, within families and within circles where we should foster trust, communication and respect.

This doesn’t mean that we always need to agree. In fact, we must embrace diversity to grow. Different views are essential to break limitations and gain perspective.

You can be assertive and respectful at the same time. This is especially true when leading Millennials. We demand respect but are often not returning it. Leaning into the strengths of our younger generation means different opportunities.

Combining those strengths with experience and knowledge will bring us into a brighter future, a more caring environment and a greater appreciation of who we are as a community.

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